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The Sticky & Sweet Tour kicked off in Cardiff, UK on August 23rd 2008 and visited Europe and both North & South America. The tour ended in Sao Paolo, Brazil on December 21st 2008, while the DVD filming took place 2 weeks prior in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This tour not only broke Madonna’s previous tour gross record– it now holds the record for highest-grossing tour ever by a female artist or solo artist.

Madonna and longtime musical director Stuart Price parted ways for this tour. Price was replaced by Kevin Antunes, a veteran of pop/R&B tours who has worked with Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, and N*Sync to name a few. Though many familiar faces were missing from the S&S Tour, the Ladies of Axe-Static Process were relieved and delighted that Madonna’s resident Rock God, Monte Pittman, returned to the stage with his Les Paul in tow.

Following the massive success of the Sticky & Sweet Tour, Madonna extends for the very first time her tour and revisits Europe in the summer of 2009. The show was pretty much the same, the only changes in the setlist were that “Heartbeat”, “Borderline” and “Hung Up” were replaced by “Holiday”, “Dress you up” and “Frozen” with a few additional wardrobe changes as well. Madonna also paid tribute to Michael Jackson who had passed away  only a few days before the opening night in London, by adding a small interlude of “Beat it” while one of her dancers, Kento, made a MJ impersonation.

The Sticky & Sweet Tour was the big winner at the sixth annual Billboard Touring Awards, taking home honors for Top Tour and Top Draw, which acknowledge the highest-grossing and highest-attended tours of the year.

Candy Shop is Open
photo courtesy of
The Sticky & Sweet Band before the opening show in Cardiff!
(L-R) DJ Enferno, Ric’key Pageot, Monte Pittman, Brian Fraser-Moore, Kevin Antunes


In the press release, the Madonna camp claims that they took 69 guitars on this tour!  Let’s take a closer look at the ones that were detected by our Axe-Ray Vision!

Madonna (Vocals/Guitar)

Gibson Les Paul Classic (ebony)in Human Nature, Ray of Light, Hung Up
Gibson Hummingbird Custom
(ebony with Fishman pickups) in You Must Love Me
Gibson SG/Les Paul ’61 ReIssue Custom
(vibrant pink) in Borderline
Gibson Les Paul Axcess
Custom w/ floyd rose tremolo (alpine white) in Dress You Up
Gibson Everly (ebony with Fishman pickups) in Miles Away

Amplification: Orange Rockerverb 100 head & Orange PPC 212 (2×12) cab in custom black sparkle automotive finish.

Gibson SG Custom (Les Paul re-issue)Gibson Classical (natural)Gibson Everly (ebony)Gibson Les Paul Classic (ebony) Gibson Les Paul Axcess

Monte Pittman (Guitar/Cow Bell/Backing Vocals)

Gibson Les Paul Custom w/ Bill Lawrence pickups (alpine white) in Candy Shop, Beat Goes on, Human Nature
Gibson Les Paul Custom
w/ Bill Lawrence pickups (wine red) in Into the groove, Heartbeat, Borderline, She’s Not me
Gibson SG/Les Paul ’61 ReIssue Custom
w/3 pickups(ebony) in Vogue, Die Another Day (Interlude), Ray of Light, Like a Prayer, Hung Up,Give it 2 me
Gibson SG/Les Paul ’61 ReIssue Custom (Surf Green) in Music
Gibson Dove Custom
(ebony) in Devil Wouldn’t Recognize You, Spanish Lesson, Miles Away, La Isla Bonita
Gibson Chet Atkins Classic-Electric
with Fishman Ellipse Matrix Blend (natural) in You Must Love Me
Gibson Les Paul
w/ P90s pickups (ebony) in Candy Shop, Beat Goes On, Human Nature, Music
Gibson Les Paul Axcess Custom w/ floyd rose tremolo (silverburst) in Into the Groove, Dress You Up, She’s Not Me

Amplification :
2 Orange Rockerverb 100 Heads, 2 Orange PPC 412 (4×12) cabs in custom black sparkle automotive finish.

Ernie Ball Volume Pedal; Dunlop Dimebag Wah (Cry Baby from Hell); Keeley Compressor (2 knob version); Z.Vex Box of Rock & Z. Vex Fuzz Factory; MXR Dime Distortion; Roger Linn AdrenalinnIII; MXR Carbon Copy Delay; ISP Noise Decimator; Emma DiscomBOBulator; Eventide PitchFactor; Eventide ModFactor; Eventide TimeFactor; Fishman Aura Spectrum; plus a Boss Tuner, junction box, amp switcher, MXR 6-band EQ in custom white finish and a ISP G-String Noise Decimator. (View pedalboard)

Monte on his rig: “Using the Carbon Copy Delay in place of the boost. The Eventide Delay and Chorus go into the effects loop. So there is a delay in the loop and one straight in. The two amps at the moment: one has 6L6’s and one has 6550’s. The one’s from last year EL34’s and JJKT88’s (that’s that main head). All other tubes are Electro Harmonix. And my phasers are set for stun.”

Gibson Les Paul Custom (white)Gibson Les Paul (w/ P90s)Gibson Les Paul Custom (wine red)Gibson Les Paul Custom (w/ floyd rose)

Gibson SG CustomGibson Dove Custom (ebony)Gibson SG Custom (ebony)

Kevin Antunes (Music Director/Programming/Keyboards)

Roland V-Synth GT
Fantom G7
Roland Jupiter 80

Kevin Antunes Kevin Antunes

Ric’key Pageot (Keyboards/Accordion/Piano)

Access Virus TI Polar Keyboard Analog Synthesizer
Stage EX 76
Roland Fantom G8
F3 V-Accordion

Ric'key PageotRic'key Pageot during "The Devil wouldn't recognize you" Ric'key Pageot's keyboards

Brian Frasier-Moore (Drums)

ΤΑΜΑ Drums:  (Starclassic)
18″x20″ Bass Drum (BB2018)
18″x22″ Bass Drum (BB2218)
5.5″x14″ Bubinga Snare Drum (BS1455)
6″x8″ Tom Tom (BT0806)
6″x10″ Tom Tom*
6″x12″ Tom Tom*
12″x14″ Tom Tom (BT1412)
13″x15″ Tom Tom (BT1513)
12″ Bubinga Tymp Tom *
10″ Bubinga Tymp Tom *
14″x20″ Bubinga Gong Bass Drum (BG20R)
13″x13″ Floor Tom *
5.5″x10″ Bubinga Snare Drum *
6″x13″ Bubinga Snare Drum *

* Special size

Iron Cobra Power Glide Single Pedal (HP900P)
Iron Cobra Lever Glide Hi-Hat Stand (HH905)
1st Chair Ergo-Rider Drum Throne (HT730)
Roland PD-8
Multi Trigger Pad DRUMKAT Turbo
Timbale-High Tama Starclassic Bubinga (5 x 10)
4 Pin-Tech Dingbat Trigger

SABIAN Cymbals

Brian Fraser MooreBrian Fraser Moore Brian Fraser Moore TAMA Drums diagram Drums Diagram

Eric Jao aka DJ Enferno (DJ)

Rane TTM57 Mixer
Pioneer EFX-500
M-Audio Trigger Finger
Apple Macbook Pro running Serato Scratch Live 1.8

DJ Enferno DJ Enferno in Music

Nicki Richards (Backing Vocals)

Kiley Dean (Backing Vocals)

Nicki Richards Kiley Dean Kylie & Nicki

Arkady Gips (Violin/Backing Vocals)

Alexander Kolpakov (Guitar/Backing Vocals)

Unidentified 7-string nylon guitar

Vadim Kolpakov (Guitar/Dance/Backing Vocals)

Unidentified 7-string nylon guitar


ss_setlist ss_cities
Intro (Sweet Candy Machine)
Candy Shop
Beat Goes on
Human Nature
Interlude – Die Another Day
Into the groove
*Heartbeat / Holiday for S&S ’09
*Borderline / Dress Your Up for S&S ’09
She’s not me
Interlude – Rain/Here comes the rain again
Devil Wouldn’t Recognize You
Spanish Lesson
Miles Away
La Isla Bonita
Doli Doli (performed by the Kolpakov Trio)
You must love me
Interlude – Get Stupid
4 minutes
Like a prayer
Ray of Light
*Hung Up / Frozen for S&S ’09
Give it 2 me
Cardiff, GB
Nice, FR
Berlin, DE
Zurich, CH
Amsterdam, NL
Dusseldorf, DR
Rome, IT
Frankfurt, DE
London, GB
Lisbon, PT
Seville, ES
Valencia, ES
Paris, FR
Vienna, AT
Budva, ME
Athens, GR
East Rutherford, US
New York City, US
Boston, US
Toronto, CA
Montreal, CA
Chicago, US
Vancouver, CA
Oakland, US
San Diego, US
Los Angeles, US
Las Vegas, US
Denver, US
Houston, US
Philadelphia, US
Atlantic City, US
Atlanta, US
Miami, US
Mexico City, MX
Buenos Aires, AR
Santiago, CL
Rio de Janeiro, BR
Sao Paulo, BR
London, UK
Manchester, UK
Paris, FR
Werchter, BE
Milan, IT
Udine, IT
Marseille, FR (Canceled)
Barcelona, ES
Madrid, ES
Zaragoza, ES
Oslo, No (#2)
St. Petersburg, RU
Tallinn, EE
Helsinki, FI
Gothenburg, SE
Copenhagen, DK
Prague, CZ
Warsaw, PL
Munich, DE
Ljubljana, SI (Canceled)
Budapest, HU
Belgrade, RS
Bucharest, RO
Sofia, BG
Tel Aviv,IL (#2)