Monte Pittman’s NEW single – “Before The Mourning Son”

Rock God Monte Pittman has released his NEW single “Before The Mourning Son” yesterday along with a trailer of his music video in which you can see the black & white Orange Amps (custom made for Madonna tours!) and his signature Jarrell MPS, loaded with a special set of Seymour Duncan pick ups!

Go get the single on iTunes now!

Monte Pittman Before the Mourning Son

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2013 NAMM: The Tone King interviews Monte Pittman at the Orange Amps Booth

The 2013 NAMM convention is under way and The Tone King got in touch with our fave guitar god – Monte Pittman, at the Orange Amps Booth. Check out Monte talking about what’s so special about the Orange amps, how he uses his Rockerverbs with the Jarrell MPS and the Axe-FX II and how much Madonna is involved in the band’s music (answer: 100%)

Monte is heading to Copenhagen in a few days to start recording “M.P.3: The Power Of Three, Part 2” with Max Whipple on bass, Kane Ritchotte on drums and the legendary Flemming Rasmussen producing it.

Stay tuned at for more updates on the Montster!

Monte Pittman presents the Jarrell MPS at Cosmo Music Store

Check out this cool video of Monte Pittman‘s visit at the Cosmo Music Store a couple of months ago, where he got the chance to present this signature guitar, the Jarrell MPS and played a few riffs through an Orange Rockerverb.

Monte is expected to launch a new Kickstarter Project later today, stay tuned to for more info!

The Ultimate Axe-Static Video: Monte Pittman’s Rig Rundown

Santa Claus came earlier this year for the girls of Axe-Static_Process (and all of you gearheads) – Monte Pittman recently did a rig rundown with Premier Guitar and today we got the VIDEO!

Check out Monte going through all of his guitars, amps and effects for the MDNA tour, demoing a few of his many sounds he gets out of his incredible rig and also introducing Tommy Simpson, his and Madonna’s guitar tech.

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Premier Guitar axe-plores Monte Pittman’s guitar rig!

We got the news from Rebecca Dirks (web editor of Premier Guitar) got backstage at the MDNA Tour to do a Rig Rundown with non other than our own Guitar God – Monte Pittman! We can’t wait to see the video!

Monte’s black Orange Amps & Fractal Audio Axe FX II. Photo by Premier Guitar

Premier Guitar: “He runs a stereo rig with two Orange Rockerverb 100s. He generally keeps them on the clean channel and colors his signal with the Axe-FX II for different amp sounds and effects, using everything from stock bluesy patches to a variety of synth tones to a custom emulation of his JCM 800.”

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Monte Pittman has the magic axe for the MDNA Tour!

Guitar player extra-ordinaire and incredibly versatile, Monte Pittman gave to Phillip Jarrell (of Jarrell Guitars) a great challenge when he asked him to make a guitar that can cover all the styles he plays. And you know what? They did it!

Monte, Jarrell Guitars and Seymour Duncan proudly present the Jarrell MPS, for which Monte talks about on RUST Magazine. The MPS is the only electric guitar that Monte uses for the whole MDNA show! (we still miss his arsenal of Gibsons!)

Monte Pittman and his Jarrell MPS. Photo by Audrey Wilmot

Monte also mentions how he came up with the purple sparkle Orange Amps, that he used for Madonna and Adam Lambert. Click here to read the full interview!