Donna De Lory and Niki Harris reunion!!!

Who can ever forget Madonna’s AMAZING backing vocalists, Donna De Lory and Niki Harris?? Well, certainty not us!! The gals got together at the RAJ Festival last week and sang together! Check out the clip!

Donna has a new album out “The Unchanging”, you can get it here!


Niki Harris on Madonna!

Check out this recent interview that the former backup singer to Madonna, a legend to all the vintage Madonna fans aka Niki Harris gave to Bay Windows (English Newspaper).

Niki Harris performing in the Drowned World Tour (2001)

quote_startTo start: why the fallout? Diva drama?
-“Maybe there was some drama, but I didn’t buy into it. We were sisters for years,” says Haris. “At the end of the day, really she [Madonna] is a gem and I’m so grateful.
She threw my baby shower for me!” adds Haris, who gave birth to her daughter in 2003. It was shortly thereafter that Madonna launched her Re-Invention Tour, the first time she staged a show without Haris in over 15 years. quote_end

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