Frozen metal cover by Control The Storm

Check out this absolutely AWESOME cover of one of Madonna’s greatest songs, FROZEN, performed by Control The Storm. Who agrees that we need more guitars in Madonna’s songs/performances?? :)

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Miles Away Rock Cover

“Miles Away” is definitely one of the best tracks from “Hard Candy” but when you already have a great song, it’s not an easy job to give it a third dimension -or  in this case re-invent it musically. Our friend from twitter @Cuban_Nerd hooked us up with a great ROCK version of this song (yes, rock!) and we thought it was amazing!

So here we are, posting it to share it with you! Props to bliix for having the inspiration, although he says that he hasn’t even heard the original version of the song! (someone give the poor guy a copy!)

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Forbidden Love Piano Cover

Check out this amazing piano cover of one of my very fave Madonna songs, “Forbidden Love” (from Confessions on a dancefloor) by madgemad. You can also check out the song’s guitar chords here!

To see more fantastic Madonna covers, visit our YouTube Playlists and if you think you can cover a Madonna song too, do not hesitate to do it and let us know! -IB

P.S. The 1st guitar lesson is coming SOON! Stay tuned!