Monte Pittman

Just the Facts

Born in  Longview TX . Married to a rad lady.  Lives in LA with his family when he isn’t across the world rocking your face off. Started playing guitar as a teen. Generally recognized as awesome. ;)

The Beginning

While living in  Longview , Monte and some friends started a metal band called Myra Mains. For the time being, it might be tricky to get your hands on the Myra Mains’ tunes, but rest assured—if /when you hear them, they will crush your bones! The band was influenced by heavier bands like Prong (more on them later!) and Pantera, but also some funkier stuff like Fishbone and Rage Against the Machine. Simply put—this band rocked… but Monte followed fate away from  Texas  and out to…

Los Angeles

Monte packed up and headed west to  Los Angeles  in 1999. As the legendary tale goes, he landed a gig – at a guitar store… selling guitars, sweeping floors, you name it. One day, fate intervened and Monte had the realization that he would make a pretty kick ass guitar teacher. He quit his job and started giving lessons. Guess who his third student was?


Okay, so Madonna was not exactly Monte’s third student, but Guy Ritchie was! Long story short—Madonna purchased a guitar for Guy to learn how to play; when he inquired at a local music store about taking lessons, he was given Monte’s name. Later, Guy returned the favor to Madonna and bought her her own guitar to learn how to play—and Monte suddenly had another pupil under his tutelage! The lessons must have gone well—Monte was invited to perform with Madonna on the David Letterman show to promote her album “Music” (the pair played an all acoustic version of “Don’t Tell Me”). Subsequently, he was asked to join her band and he has been there ever since. At this point, at the conclusion of the Sticky & Sweet Tour (part two!)—Monte is the performer who has been with Madonna the longest—something which needs no explanation! Lucky his schedule with Madonna allows him all sorts of other projects…



For those of you who are not in the know, the band PRONG is legendary. Tommy Victor, singer & guitarist, essentially invented his own unlabel-able metal genre: part thrash, part urban industrial, part groove… Prong started in 1986 and was a heavy influence of Monte’s band Myra Mains. Tommy Victor is the heart and soul of Prong, but in the early 00s, he was introduced to Monte—who wound up joining the band. (So, young Angels, continue to have hope that you too may one day join Monte’s band when the time is right!)… There was something magical in the Victor-Pittman pairing which led to…


Citizen Vein

Prong +  Confessions Tour Band + Adam Lambert = CITIZEN VEIN

Perhaps the coolest thing about Monte’s ability to travel in many musical circles is being able to meet and befriend amazing musicians. Monte grabbed his bandmates Tommy Victor (from Prong) and Steve Sidelnyk (from the Madonna band) and started a new project together. In their search for a singer, they had the fortune to come across one Adam Lambert… CITIZEN VEIN was formed… You Glamberts and Angels probably know as much as we do about CV—they rocked and have attained a mythical status (at least, they have HERE at Axe-Static_Process!)… will their work ever see the light of day?!! You never know… stay tuned to ASP.


A musician of Monte’s caliber obviously has tons of songs pouring out of him, and it was a happy day for all ASPers and Angels when his debut album “The Deepest Dark” was finally released in Nov 2009. Another unexpected twist from this multifaceted musician—the album is an acoustic piece in the vein of Nick Drake, Elliott Smith, & Leonard Cohen, with a little metal sneaking into songs here and there… the record is available at CDbaby and iTunes. GET IT NOW!

Adam Lambert

So this brings us up to the NOW. Monte and Adam are working together again doing promos for Adam’s album “For Your Entertainment” – you may have seen them all over the TV and internet and you may have tweeted your thumbs off with Monte and the rest of the band. ASP has their fingers crossed for a tour announcement and in the meantime– we plan on cranking our TUNES loudly.

We don’t know what the future holds for the Montster, but we’re sure its going to kick our asses.

Make sure to check out Monte Pittman: Montster of Rock for more info, photographs, videos & gear info!!