Inspired by M

Miss Fitz, here, to talk to you about writing music inspired by our Lady of Rock. Yeah, it could be said that all of my songs are inspired by M, since its partially HER FAULT that I play guitar and write music– perhaps the same is true for you, too.

Here, we’d like to give a little attention to songs that were specifically inspired by Madonna or her music. Maybe you wrote “French Lesson” in response to “Spanish Lesson.” Maybe you wrote “I’m f#$king exhausted” after you danced through 2 hours of the Sticky & Sweet Tour. Maybe, like me, you are working on a song-by-song companion piece to the American Life album complete with stop-animation companion videos and a book&libretto for a possible Broadway production…

The point IS – one of the best things Madonna has in her arsenal is the ability to inspire.

Whether the work is pointedly or subtley inspired by M, we want to celebrate her ability to inspire us all to CREATE, so please send us links to your work or find us on youtube to share your video!