Guitar Lessons

Madonna Rocks and SO CAN YOU!

A Vai/Van Halen/Satriani I am not.

Guitar Lessons by Miss Fitz!

I’m Miss Fitz, and I’m hoping to provide some lessons here on Axe Static Process for any of you looking to start playing guitar, or for those of you who play a little guitar but want to explore a little more, or for those of you who want to start getting jiggy with a delay pedal or two or four (That’s how I roll!)… if you wanna learn to rip a killer 5 minute solo, maybe you should see if Monte is available…!

Description: “It only takes 3 chords to save the world”
Duration: 13min. 50secs
Songs to practice: “Swim”, “Keep it together”, “Angel”

Part 1

Part 2

Description: “It’s So Cool” Lesson
Duration: 3min. 5secs
Songs: “It’s So Cool” (2002 demo)

Lesson 3:

Description: “Don’t Tell Me how to play Don’t Tell Me”
Duration: 1min. 47secs
Songs: “Don’t Tell Me”

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