Nicki Richards talks solo album & MDNA Tour!

Nicki Richards recently gave an interview to Justin Kantor and she talks about her new solo album “Tell me…” as well as her first steps into the music biz! Check out an excerpt:

You’ve now been on three tours with Madonna, beginning with the “Confessions Tour” in 2006. It seems like we started hearing more from you as a solo artist since that time, as well. Was there something about that first tour with her that motivated you to put out your own music again?

Nicki Richards during “Like A Prayer” in the MDNA Tour

Nicki Richards: Madonna is one of the hardest-working people I’ve ever met in my life. But Donna DeLory, the other backing vocalist on the “Confessions Tour,” really lit the fire under me to get back into the fray of putting music out. As an independent artist, she was just unstoppable. It’s one thing when you have a lot of support and money. It’s another to just wake up one day and decide this is what you’re doing, then make it happen. I’ve worked with some really hard workers: Tina Turner, Mariah Carey—people I would say are some of the hardest-working musicians out there. Madonna is certainly that kind of creature. Every day, I’m influenced by that.

Read the full interview here and check out Nicki’s site at


An introduction to Nicki Richards’ new album “Bedtime Story (Tell Me)”

Wise ones once professed, “A Jill of many trades `tis a master of none.” Said philosophers never met Nicki Richards – most extraordinary and highly favored Spin Sorceress Supreme… Her Majesty of the Musical Moon and Stars… aboard her Stone Soul Spaceship. Planet-hopping genres with panache and purpose, the wizardress waxes thoughtful and deep, fun and flirtatious, spiritual yet seductive, constantly tested yet steadfastly faithful. Nicki is never at a loss for a song. The latest luscious fruit of her inspiration is Bedtime Story (Tell Me) – Nicki’s third album and the second via her own Hydrus Music company following 2008’s Nicki.

Super talented-super gorgeous: Nicki Richards

The most important thing to know about Nicki RichardsThe Musician – is that she records luxuriantly expansive modern soul music. And when you drop the metaphorical needle on said record, OVERSTAND that this lady composed, produced, arranged, played and SANG (leads and layered backgrounds) 80% of every note you hear…then custom-casted the remaining 20% with a talented rainbow of friends – from jazz legends Randy Brecker, Christian McBride and Lenny White to vocal virtuosos Take 6, Trey Lorenz, Lisa Fischer, Tawatha Agee, Fonzi Thornton and Vaneese Thomas to dance club tastemakers Tony Moran, Parrish James, Josh Harris and DJ Inferno.

The most important thing to know about Nicki RichardsThe Woman – is that she is all about The Love. For the enticingly titled Bedtime Story (Tell Me), she takes a skin dive under the covers to explore what a woman dreams when imagining The Love of a Lifetime.

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Nicki Richards “Bedtime Story” album out NOW!

Nicki Richards new album is finally HERE and ready to blast your speakers!!! The album is entitled “Bedtime Story (Tell Me)” and features 14 songs! Nicki does not only sing the songs, but has also produced, written and arranged it!

Nicki Richards “Bedtime Story (Tell Me)” album out NOW

Track List

1. Queen
2. Knight in Shining Armor
3. Lay Your Hands On Me
4. Kiss Kiss Kiss
5. We Got Each Other
6. Tell Me…
7. Sunday Morning
8. Precious
9. Extraordinary
10. Spaceship
11. Extra O2 (Interlude)
12. Hungry
13. Change in the World
14. Surely

The album is available on CDBaby! Get it now! Make sure to also visit her new website at and learn all about Nicki!

Italians do it better – MDNA show in Milan axestatic review!

Italians do it better – it’s TRUE! I experienced it and I can guarantee you that! I attended the MDNA tour in Milan at Stadio San Siro and it was definitely one of the most amazing concerts! Everything was perfect – the weather, the stadium, the crowd (Italian fans are AMAZING) and of course the show itself – Madonna is the best, because she as THE best team!

The stage at Stadio San Siro, Milan!

Martin Solveig opened the show around 8pm – He has a great energy and really made the crowd enjoy the songs that he was playing, including “Beautiful Killer” and “Give me all your luvin'”. A couple of hours later, the band got on stage and received a warm welcome from the fans! A few minutes later, the lights went off and everyone was cheering and clapping!

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Nicki Richards reveals new album cover & title!!!

Nicki Richards, who is currently in Rome and getting ready to rock Italy this week, just posted on twitter her new single cover “Lay your hands on me” as well as the cover & title of her new album “Bedtime Story (tell me)”!

We hope to get the album into our hands (and ears!) as soon as possible!!