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Thanks for visiting Axe-Static_Process, where we celebrate Madonna the musician – and where her musicians are icons in their own right! Here at ASP, we aim to bring you the latest in Madonna music news, along with keeping you up to speed on the various projects that her current and former musicians are involved in.

As two hyper-in-love-with-our-guitars musicians ourselves, you can also expect to see us highlight the gear used by Madonna and her team—as well as some stuff designed to help YOU pick up a guitar and rock out on your favorite Madonna songs.

Axe-Static_Process reveres Madonna the Musician.

Axe-Static Process was created by two girls, or by two guitarists, or by two HUGE Madonna fans…one of us is in the EU and one of us in the US; one of us likes Strats and one of us likes Teles; one of us likes Les Pauls and one of us likes Flying Vs. Aside from our complete and utter devotion to our guitars and our undying love for Madonna, we’re nothing alike–here’s to music (and Madonna) bringing people together!

Iliana X Miss Fitz

Lárisa, GR X Portland, US
Fave Madonna Album:

Confessions on a dancefloor X Ray of Light? Like a Prayer? Hmm.
Fave Madonna Tour:

Confessions Tour X Any, as long as there’s a ‘next’ one!
Fave Madonna Guitar :
Gibson Hummingbird Custom (ebony)  X Gibson Custom SG Les Paul Custom (fuschia)
Fave Monte Pittman Guitar:
Gibson Les Paul Custom (white) X Me too, Iliana. Good call.

Thank you

to madonnalicious community for hooking up Iliana and Miss Fitz!

to Monte for teaching Madonna how to rock on the guitar!

and last but not least, an absolutely astronomical thank you to Madonna, for her passion, her devotion to music, and for making things happen Where would we be without you?!


Site concept, design, texts by Miss Fitz and Iliana (IB).

Special guest blogger: Leo from Stuart’s Lounge.

All the gear info in the Tour Pages were spotted by our patented Axe-Ray-Vision, but it’s possible that there are some mistakes or omissions. If you have gear info that is not included in our pages, please share it with us!

orangeamps.com for Madonna and Monte Pittman’s amps specs.
for Steve Sidelnyk’s drums specs.
sabian.com for Brian Fraser-Moore’s cymbals specs.
tamadrum.co.jp for Brian Fraser-Moore’s drums specs.


This unofficial site is not  ‘endorsed by’ or ‘affiliated with’ Madonna, Warner Bros, Maverick, Webo Girl, Live  Nation, Gibson Guitars, Orange Amplifiers or, sadly, Louis Vuitton–but we’re open to negotiation with any of the above entities.


All the lyrics, album & song titles belong to their respective owners. The photographs that are used in this site are -in majority- by fans. If there are copyright issues please contact us axestaticprocess(at)gmail(dot)com


“Best Madonna site on the web” – Monte Pittman (interview @ Catalina Radio)

“One thing about all these popstars, they hire the best musicians to tour with (usually) and their backing bands almost always are smokin tight IMHO. There is also a Youtube site that offers guitar lessons using Madonna songs in the hopes that her fans will take up the guitar and in my book that beats Guitar Hero by a mile!” – ChristianMusicRadio.com Forums

“Cool!!!! I’ve always wanted there to be a site for all M chords and tabs!!!!!!!!” – Paul from Madge Tribe Forums

“Good job getting Madonna’s equipment list. Thats very cool. :) ” – Phil from Madonnalicious

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