Monte Pittman to release NEW single on October 14th

The Master of Shredding, aka Rock (soon to be Metal) God, aka Monte Pittman is about to release his new and highly anticipated METAL album – but first, he wants to tease us with a single; a taste of what’s coming, handed by Metal Blade Records.

“A Dark Horse”, will be released on October 14th on iTunes and you can show your support by joining the Facebook event HERE!

Monte Pittman rocking hard with his Flying V
Monte Pittman rocking hard with his Flying V

Quite possibly the most versatile guitarist on planet earth right now, Monte’s 1st solo record was released in 2009, a strictly acoustic album entitled “The Deepest Dark”, followed by the rocking “Pain, Love & Destiny” (released in 2011) which let Monte unleash more of his brilliant skills (“Black Rabbit” Solo anyone?). During the MDNA tour last summer, he managed to squeezze in ONE day in the studio with Flemming Rasmussen to record 4 acoustic songs, the 1st part of “The Power of Three”.

And the time has finally come for Monte to return back to his roots, ready to take over the metal society and hell, why not– the whole world!

All we can say is – prepare your neck for extreme head banging!

Don’t forget to visit Monte’s Official site for all the latest updates!


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