Songs we would like to hear in Madonna’s next tour!

I don’t know about you, but I was not very amused by the setlist of the MDNA tour (no songs from Music nor Ray of Light??) , however Madonna and her incredible crew did put a great show for us to enjoy.

But as a great music devotee, I’d like to make a list of songs that I would like to see Madonna performing in her next tour. Some of these songs have never been perfromed live. Feel free to add your choices in the comment section below!


Love Profusion (American Life)
Bad Girl (Erotica)
Amazing (Music)
Nothing Really Matters (Ray of Light)
Hollywood (American Life)
Beautiful Stranger (Beautiful Stranger)
Take A Bow (Bedtime Stories)
Secret (Bedtime Stories)
Deeper and Deeper (Erotica)
Promise to Try (Like A Prayer)
Rain (Erotica)
Angel (Like A Virgin)
Falling Free (MDNA)
What it feels like for a girl (Music)
Swim (Ray of Light)
Cherish (Like A Prayer)
Rescue me (Immaculate Collection)
The Power of Goodbye (Ray of Light)
One more chance (Something to Remember)
True Blue (True Blue)
The Look Of Love (Who’s that Girl?)
Hung Up (Confessions on a dance floor) ORIGINAL version!

P.S. Someone call Stuart Price back as MD!


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