Kiley Dean covers Rihanna!

Our fabulous and talented Kiley Dean is back in the studio and has covered Rihanna’s “Stay”. Check it out and spread the word!

Hello to all my loves! For the past 3 years, I’ve been working with other artists and neglecting my own career in the process. It wasn’t all bad because it allowed me to find my voice again!

Now, I’m finally back in the studio and have started recording again! For me!
Recently, I picked out a handful of songs that touch me, and remade them. My plan is to release a new song/video every couple of weeks. So please let me know your thoughts on these new records. Soon…VERY SOON…I’ll be releasing my EP.

I am very excited about this process. I am so lucky to have incredible fans like you to help me along the way. Please spread the word! I love you all and come ride on this journey with me!

…..LET’S GO!!!!!!


You can follow Kiley on twitter @KileyDean


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