AxeStatic Anniversary – Madonna plays guitar on the David Letterman Show

On a day like today – 12 years ago: Madonna appears on the David Letterman Show and plays guitar live for the first time. This was only 1 month after having guitar lessons by Monte Pittman, whom you can see next to M shredding acoustically.

Monte recently mentioned in an interview that Madonna turned out to be an excellent student. “One of the best students I’ve ever had,” he says. “If I gave her something, a sheet of chords or scales, the next lesson you could tell she had gone over it. “

Great unplugged version of “Don’t Tell Me”.  What do you think about more songs written by Madonna & Monte for the next album??

Monte Pittman & Madonna 2001 Drowned World Tour
Monte Pittman & Madonna during American Life Promo (2003)
Madonna with her Les Paul in the Confessions Tour (2006)
Purple Gibson Les Paul reissue/SG for the Sticky & Sweet Tour
2012 – the axestasy goes on at MDNA!

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