Axe-clusive: Monte Pittman’s guitars for the MDNA Tour

Axe-Static readers – you’re set for an awesome treat today! You can get an axe-clusive look of Monte Pittman‘s guitars for the MDNA Tour! As you all know, Monte has been Madonna’s guitarist since 2001 and has used a wide variety of guitars and effects to cover 25+ years of Madonna’s discography.

We’ve seen him playing with PRS, Breedlove and for the most tours Gibson guitars (having a gorgeous collection of custom Les Pauls and SGs) but this year Jarrell Guitars honored Monte by making a signature guitar for him! Loaded with an incredible selection of Seymour Duncan pickups (P-Rails, STK-S7 Vintage Hot Stack Plus and Dimebucker) the MPS (which comes in 3 models) is probably one of the most versatile guitars you’ll ever get to play.

Monte also got hooked with Bourgeois acoustic guitars, a company that makes not only amazing sounding guitars but also gorgeous looking.

Enough with the nerd talk! Time for photos!

Monte Pittman’s guitars for the MDNA Tour

All these are run through Fractal Audio Systems AxeFX II and are plugged into Orange Amps.

For specs of the Jarrell MPS.1 and the MPS.f go here. The MPS.f is one of the nominees at the Guitar Planet Hall of Fame for  the Guitar of the Year Award. Click here to vote for it!

Monte Pittman and Ric’key Pageot are all set for the show!

And here’s a shot of Madonna’s Gibson Guitars for this tour. You can visit our MDNA Gear page for more info!

Madonna’s rack of Gibson guitars for the MDNA Tour

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