How Moment Factory created the MDNA Live Experience have just posted quite a few interesting things on how Moment Factory created the MDNA live experience for Madonna. Check out some impressive numbers!

MDNA Tour by Moment Factory

Video Gear

3 United Visual Artists d3 HD Media Server

6 Barco FLM-HD20

LED Screen
8 Columns of Daktronics 10 mm SMD Outdoor Video LED Display (9m high x 2.4m wide, 10 mods high x 2 mods wide)

Stadium Side Screens
2 Winvision 875 LED Screens (15m high x 6m wide)

5 AJA Ki Pros
2 JVC SR-HD1500US Blu-Ray DVD Recorders

8 Sony PDW-HD1500Hi-Definition Cameras
2 Canon 22×7.6 Lenses
3 Canon 14×4.7 Wide Angle
3 Canon 86×9.3 Lenses
2 Sony BRC-H700 HD Cameras

Flight Pack
1 Ross Video 2.5 HD Production Switcher with DVE


Madonna MDNA Tour 2012/13 Partial Lighting Equipment List

Vendor: PRG

Lighting Instruments
3 PRG Bad Boy 1400 Spot CMY
92 PRG Best Boy 4000 Spo T Luminaire
156 Clay Paky Sharpy
5 GLP Impression 120 RZ LED
28 Robe Robin 1200 LEDWash
9 Robe Robin 600 LEDWash
20 Philips Vari-Lite VL3500 Spot
38 Philips Vari-Lite V:3500 Wash

3 PRG V676 Console
1 PRG V476 Console
11 PRG Virtuoso Node Plus
3 City Theatrical SHoW DMX
11 PRG Series 400 Data and Power Distribution Rack

4 Lycian M2 Followspot
6 Strong Lighting Gladiator III
3 Brite Box Followspot

5 Hungaroflash T-Light 88
100 Martin Professional Atomic 3000 Strobe
16 Jem AF-1 Fan
1 Ultratec Special Effects LSX-II Fog Chiller
12 Reel EFX DF-50 Diffusion Hazer
3 Jem ZR33 Hi-Mass
5 Le Maitre Stadium Hazer

FOH Spot Colors
Lee Filters L254 (New Hampshire Frost)
Lee Filters L258 (1/8 Hampshire Frost)
Lee Filters L209 (0.3 ND)
Lee Filters L279 (1/8 Minus Green)
Lee Filters L223 (1/8 C.T. Orange – correct)
Lee Filters L298 (0.15 ND)

Truss Spot Colors
Lee Filters L201 (Full C.T. Blue)
Lee Filters L200 (Double C.T. Blue)
Lee Filters L204 (Full C.T. Orange)
Lee Filters L136 (Pale Lavender)
Lee Filters L176 (Loving Amber)
Lee Filters L182 (Light Red)

Atomic Colors
Lee Filters L287(Double CTO)
Lee Filters L15 (Deep Straw)
Lee Filters L182 (Light Red)
Lee Filters L27 (Medium Red)
Lee Filters L130 (Clear)
Lee Filters L200 (Double C.T. Blue)
Rosco Roscolux R82 (Surprise Blue)
Rosco Roscolux R358 (Rose Indigo)
Rosco Roscolux R342 (Rose Pink)
Rosco Roscolux R50 (Mauve)
Rosco Roscolux R91 (Primary Green)

click HERE for more info!


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