MDNA in Vienna – Soundcheck videos

We got more videos from the soundcheck and MDNA show in Vienna that our friend Panos shared with us! Madonna was in a great mood and the audience was fantastic! Enjoy these HD videos filmed from the front row of the golden triangle!

“Express yourself” & “Give me all your Luvin'” soundcheck

“I’m addicted” Soundcheck

“I’m a sinner” & “Cyberraga” Soundcheck

“I don’t give a” Soundcheck

Videos from the show coming soon, stay tuned!

Also see: photos from the soundcheck


One thought on “MDNA in Vienna – Soundcheck videos

  1. Para_Pan (@Para_Pan) August 2, 2012 / 2:20 pm

    Hey there! I am very fond of your site, you’re doing an amazing job not only to promote Madonna but her musicians , dancers and production team also, something that not many sites do. This is why I took you into consideration while making my Soundcheck videos from the very first row in the Golden Triangle area! I’d like to thank you for sharing! More to come soon! Panos.

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