Italians do it better – MDNA show in Milan axestatic review!

Italians do it better – it’s TRUE! I experienced it and I can guarantee you that! I attended the MDNA tour in Milan at Stadio San Siro and it was definitely one of the most amazing concerts! Everything was perfect – the weather, the stadium, the crowd (Italian fans are AMAZING) and of course the show itself – Madonna is the best, because she as THE best team!

The stage at Stadio San Siro, Milan!

Martin Solveig opened the show around 8pm – He has a great energy and really made the crowd enjoy the songs that he was playing, including “Beautiful Killer” and “Give me all your luvin'”. A couple of hours later, the band got on stage and received a warm welcome from the fans! A few minutes later, the lights went off and everyone was cheering and clapping!

Martin Solveig was great!

The technology that is used in this tour is incredible – stage & lights were beyond comparison; the vocals & music sounded FANTASTIC! The band was KILLING it! axestatic highlights

Brian Frasier-Moore‘s drumming during “Give me all your luvin'”, “Like A Prayer”, “I’m addicted” and the outro of “I Don’t Give A” (extra props to his brilliant tech, Chris Achzet!)

Monte Pittman‘s dive bombs during “Gang Bang”, awesome electronic sitar playing in “I’m a sinner”, incredible tone for “Like A Prayer”, spectacular acoustic riffs in “Open your heart” and “Masterpiece” and of course – his awesome Rock God presence on “Turn Up The Radio”.

The keys & synths: Ric’key Pageot‘s sensual piano in “Like A Virgin”, fantastic new tunes in “Hung Up” & “Papa Don’t Preach”, while Kevin Antunes rocked the key-tar for “Turn Up the Radio” and also played bass for “I’m a sinner”!

Monte Pittman & Kevin Antunes during “Turn Up the Radio”!

Nicki Richards & Kiley Dean sounded amazing as usual… warm and powerful vocals that fit so well together! Perfect harmony!

The dancers & the Kalakan Trio brought a whole new vibe to the show and Madonna was in a great mood and danced her butt off! The presence on stage is unbelievable… anyone who hasn’t been to a Madonna show cannot understand the power of her performance. I have no words to describe it!

Madonna rocking her Gibson Les Paul for “I’m a sinner”

I bet you’re thinking that I’m completely biased – well, I Don’t Give A ****! =)

Downsides? the show only lasted for 1h45mins and if you think about the ticket prices, you’d expect the show to last for 2 hours at least. That was a bummer :\ We needed more songs in the show!!!

It’s a Celebration!
Brian Frasier-Moore’s INCREDIBLE DrumCraft kit!!


“Turn Up The Radio”


“I Don’t Give A”



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