Monte Pittman’s MDNA Pedalboard! (nerd-alert!)


It’s a lucky day for the girls of Axe-Static Process, as Rock God Monte Pittman just dropped this pic of his MDNA Tour pedalboard! If you’re as big a nerd as Iliana and I, read on!

As a few of you know, Monte added a new piece of kit to his rig for this tour– Fractal Audio Systems’ AxeFX 2. The AxeFx2 is rapidly gaining a lot of ground in the guitar community– in addition to Monte, the AxeFx2 counts guitar greats like Steve Vai, Dweezil Zappa, and Dave Mustaine among its users. Iliana will have a chance to hear this rig in person next week in Milan. Miss Fitz will have to wait several long, long months before hearing it up and down the West Coast of the US. Looks like it’s gonna be worth the wait!

Some familiar effects pedals still on Monte’s board for this show–there’s the fantastic Fishman acoustic preamp, the MXR Carbon Copy Delay (still one of our favorites!), and no Pittman pedalboard would be complete without a Dimebag Darrell MXR pedal (this time it’s the Dimebag Distortion!).

Thanks to Montster for tweeting this out today!

Have you been to MDNA? Heard this rig? What did you think?!!!


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