Monte Pittman loves playing with Madonna

The Montster is gearing up for the 2nd MDNA show in Abu Dhabi and is interviewed by the Gulf News. Monte talks about teaching Madonna guitar, bringing ideas to the table about the tour and his solo stuff!

Q. What went through your mind when Madonna asked you to teach her to play the guitar? Was she a quick learner?

Monte: She was very dedicated. She still is. She’s always improving. People are going to witness that on this tour. I was very excited to play for her. It was right when the “Music” album was coming out and both [producers] Mirwais and William Orbit had added some really cool, fresh ideas with their guitar patterns to play.

Monte Pittman and Madonna during the Sticky & Sweet Tour

Q. How do you disconnect from a tour with Madonna to working on your own stuff? Do the two ever influence each other?

Monte: I have to force myself to continue on with my stuff sometimes. Other times it’s all I can think of. I’ve always got one foot in one world and one foot in the other. Somehow it all naturally balances itself out. Before everything for this tour started up, I put out my second album “Pain, Love, & Destiny”. When I left LA to start rehearsals for this tour, I won Best Solo Artist at the Artist In Music Awards after being the only artist nominated in four categories. I have to somehow keep up with the pace of that.

Read the full interview

We definitely need to hear more songs written by Monte and Madonna! If you’re on twitter make sure to follow Monte @Monterrific


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