When Metal Goes Madonna!

We always knew that Metal Freaks dig one or two or three (!) Madonna songs and we also knew that they LOOOVE to do metal covers! Guess what??! We are not the only ones! Check out the AWESOME METAL MADONNA MISSION that @uneedageek is running!

Our marketing director is on a mission to get all bands that are confirmed for New England Metal And Hardcore Festival’s 15th Anniversary show next spring to perform at least 1 metal and/or hardcore version of a Madonna song off the new MDNA album. She calls it “When Metal Goes Madonna”.

This video sets the groundwork for 2013 NEMHF and contains footage leading up to and including this year’s SOLD OUT 14th Annual New England Metal And Hardcore Festival set to Madonna’s song “I’m A Sinner” off her new album MDNA. If you notice in each of these shots she wore a different Madonna shirt to each day of the fest. Oh and to continue the tradition she is also wearing a different Madonna shirt for each day of the MDNA Tour and documenting that too. Stay tuned for updates. This is how she supports MDNA and the big M while kicking marketing ass for us. It motivates her so we love it and support it. And you should too.

Which reminds us – Sylvia says to go buy MDNA album now and get your metal and hardcore versions ready. MDNA is available at the following link http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/mdna-deluxe-version/id511415302 or she will come to each of your houses and sing the whole album live….but in a metal growl…and with interpretive vogue-mosh dance. Remember, the M in Madonna stands for “METAL

We can’t wait to see what the bands will come up with!


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