Pop Justice reviews MDNA

We went to listen to ‘MDNA’ last week and after one listen decided that it was – as we tweeted – fucking amazing.

We listened to it again this afternoon to double check. As it turns out, we were right. Obviously we’ll need to live with the album and like most listeners we’ll form our very very final verdict many months from now, but on two listens ‘MDNA’ is a stunning modern Madonna album. It’s not perfect but it its extraordinary high points are great enough to compensate for odd sequencing and occasional misfires.

If you were worried, stop worrying – there is lots here to be excited about.


It’s a shame ‘Confessions‘ wasn’t a bit longer ago or that ‘Hard Candy’ wasn’t so patchy because we’d really like to be able to say ‘this is Madonna’s best album since Confessions‘ and for it to mean something. We suppose it does mean something – that ‘Hard Candy’ was a bit of a blip in an all-together-not-bad run of albums from one of pop’s best people. And yes we might be a bit excited by it all having just heard it a couple of times etc etc etc, but if you’re going to tell us we can’t get excited by a Madonna album you can fuck off.

Source: PopJustice

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