Marcus Brown launches his new website!

Marcus Brown, one of Madonna‘s former keyboard players, who is currently touring with Seal has launched his official website at . From the “Current” page we learn that “Marcus is expanding his creative resume as a music and video producer and co-writer on the innovative, live interactive network” You can also read his bio, where he mentions hooking up and touring with Madonna!

Marcus Brown has a new official website!

“The phone rang and I was mixing a track so I was pretty focused on that. My manager at the time told me it was Madonna asking if I would be in her band….. I told my manager to fuck off. Thought she was tripping or something. Anyways fortunately for me Madge persisted. 4 days later I was in a limo going down sunset strip heading to Sony studios for rehearsals… the hell did I end up there? I’m from Newcastle! Oh well I managed three world tours and countless promo tours and appearances without going completely mad.”

You can reach Marcus on twitter @MarcusBassMan


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