Get your Monte Pittman Jarrell MPS signature guitar!

You saw Monte Pittman rocking with his new axe at the Super Bowl halftime with Madonna! Now you can have one too! You can order your very own Jarrell MPS from ! The MPS comes in 3 models, the MPS.1 ($1,229 – Stop Tail edition) , the MPS.f ($1,729 Floyd Rose edition) and the MPS*Classic ($729 entry model).

Gladiator Monte Pittman with his Axe on the field!

The MPS.1 and MPS.f are loaded with a custom Seymour Duncan pickup set which includes P-Rails-N on the neck,  STK-S7 Vintage Hot Stack Plus in the middle and a Custom SH-13 (custom Dimebucker) on the bridge. The neck & bridge pickups can be split which makes the MPS one of the most versatile guitars in the market.

The Jarrell MPS.f with Seymour Duncan pick ups and Floyd Rose

Go to and get yours now!


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