NAMM Day 2 – Monte Pittman & Brian Frasier-Moore: 2 Supermen prepping for Superbowl!

NAMM Day 2 and we get a couple of exclusive photos, from the one and only @dougiesauris, of our fave madge-icians: Monte Pittman and Brian Frasier-Moore at the Drum Craft booth posing with Brian’s custom kit! We will get to see those 2 Supermen at the Super Bowl Halftime Show performance rocking the stage with the Queen of Pop! Be prepared! Those guys will tear the roof off.

Monte Pittman & Brian Frasier-Moore at NAMM via @dougiesauris

Brian Frasier-Moore & Monte Pittman at NAMM
Monte checking out the detail of the back of the neck & headstock of the MPS
Monte Pittman and... Monte Pittman at the Fishman Booth

Tommy Victor from Prong and Xander Smith from Run Run Run, also stopped by the Jarrell Booth to check out Monte’s signature MPS guitar! Thanks to @loriandjava for the photo!

Monte Pittman, Tommy Victor & Xander Smith at NAMM
Brian in front of this custom DrumCraft kit at NAMM
Detail of Brian's custom DrumCraft kit

Video of Brian’s “uber rack”


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