NAMM Day 1 – Monte Pittman unveils the Jarrell MPS signature guitar!

Monte Pittman and Jarrell Guitars proudly unveiled the MPS signature guitar today at NAMM. The MPS which comes in 3 models,  one of them -the MPS.f- features an original floyd rose tremolo- is perhaps one of the most versatile guitars that you can get, loaded with a custom Seymour Duncan pickup set!

Many thanks to @loriandjava for sharing the following pics & video with us!

The Axeman - Jarrell Guitars and Monte Pittman

Monte will give a press conference at the Jarrell Guitars Booth, on Saturday at 11am with representatives from Orange amps and Seymour Duncan!

Check out and for info and specs on the MPS!

Monte Pittman warming up with his Jarrell MPS.f
Monte Pittman and the Jarrell MPS
Detail: Monte's Logo in the back of the headstock



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