Meet Madonna’s digital madge-icians!

We’re only 1 month away from Madonna‘s Super Bowl performance and we think it’s time to get backstage and take a little taste of what her digital madge-icians do behind the scenes, in order to make a fantastic and memorable show happen! Meet Tim Colvard  and Matt Napier!

Tim Colvard and Matt Napier

For the current production (Sticky & Sweet Tour), Colvard shares the FOH helm with Mark Brnich of 8th Day Sound; similarly Matt Napier is at monitor world on a DiGiCo D5T, along with 8th Day’s Demetrius Moore as the monitor tech, and Sean Spuehler, responsible for Madonna’s vocal and FX.

For Napier, the big advantage was the abundance of MADI in and outs available on the D5T. “We’re using all 4 MADI slots on monitors. We fitted an RME MADI card in the Apple computer Sean use’s for Madonna’s vocal FX, and that then directly interfaces with the D5 effectively giving us up to 56 channels of plug in and FX. The vocal sound is crucial to Madonna as she insists all the vocal FX are live and not from tape, hence the reason why there is one engineer who just deals with vocal FX and her vocal sound.


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