Happy 3rd Birthday Axe-Static_Process!!!

Axe-Static_Process has its 3rd birthday today! With all the latest internet/social network madness going on, it’s a small miracle that we are still here and still rocking! We have many things to be excited about in 2012, the most important of all – Madonna returning to her throne and releasing a new studio album and of course, going on tour!

Happy 3rd Birthday ASP!

But let’s take a moment and rewind back at some special moments of 2011! ASP Guitar Hero/Rock God Monte Pittman released his 2nd solo album “Pain, Love & Destiny” which made us love him even more! This album rocks so much that not only you have to get it, but also share it will all your friends. It is THAT good!

The badass drummer Brian Frasier-Moore toured with another diva, Janet Jackson, while the multi-tasking and incredibly talented Nicki Richards found the time to get in the studio for her solo thang.

The casanova Marcus Brown toured with Seal (playing keys AND bass!) and Ric’key Pageot, along with Dessy Di Lauro, told us to Stop the Raggin’!

We would like to thank all the wonderful people that have been visiting ASP! We have a lot of fantastic things to share with you next year, so get ready!!

Sarah & Iliana

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