Kevin Antunes is the Musical Director for Madonna’s Super Bowl performance

According to reports, Kevin Antunes will remain in his “hot seat” as Madonna‘s Musical Director for the Super Bowl half-time performance. Kevin worked on the “Michael Jackson – Immortal Tour” with Cirque du Soleil, who will accompany Madonna on stage as well! Previous band members of the Sticky & Sweet Tour are Monte Pittman (guitar), Brian Frasier-Moore (drums) and Ric’key Pageot (keys/piano/accordion), hopefully we’ll see them all together rocking our world with M!

Sticky & Sweet Tour Band (L-R) Kevin Antunes, Monte Pittman, Brian Frasier-Moore, DJ Enferno & Ric'key Pageot

Moment Factory‘s team of artistic technologists, together with Madonna’s team, will create a spectacular multimedia display. “We are extremely excited to be working with someone as creative, talented and visionary as Madonna,” said Sakchin Besette, Partner and Creative Director, Moment Factory.”

Madonna’s long time partner in crime, Jamie King is the stage director!


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