Monte Pittman’s 2nd solo album – Pain, Love & Destiny – out NOW!

ASP icon/rock god Monte Pittman has just released his 2nd solo album “Pain, Love & Destiny”! We kindly suggest to immediately visit CDbaby or iTunes and get this album! “PL&D” is a rock album ready to be played in loud volume and make you fall in love with it, song by song.

"Pain, Love & Destiny" album artwork by Greg Simkins

Monte is taking us on a journey with 14 songs filled with mystery, challenges, quests and questions. Naturally, for those of you who have seen Monte performing live, you will be expecting to hear awesome guitar riffs and solos. The answer is, “HELL YEAH”! Monte is showing off his guitar skills but without over-reacting and just letting each song be what it is. Listen carefully to his solos on “(I am) the Black Rabbit” and “Burn Down the Garden” and let your mind be blown away by his brilliant technique and touch! His melodies are unique and will DEFINITELY stick in your mind and heart.

Monte’s vocals are passionate and sensitive at the same time, giving another special characteristic into every song. “Pain, Love & Destiny” is an album worth listening to. Over and over.

Monte not only played guitars, but also wrote the lyrics for all of the songs, played Bass, Keyboards, Sistrum & Programmimg and co-produced it. It’s a Montsterpiece and you are welcome!

Noah Shain produced the album, Kane Richotte is on drums and Kelle Rhoads played piano on “(I Am) The Black Rabbit”, “Burn Down The Garden” and “Predetermined Destiny”.

To visit Monte’s Official website go to


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