Monte Pittman featured in “The Book Of Orange”!

Monte Pittman, the only man who convinced Orange Amplifiers to make him custom black,white and purple “Oranges” for his tours with Madonna, is going to be featured in the upcoming coffee table book – The Book of Orange! Here is the press release!

Monte Pittman with his custom purple sparkle Orange amps for Madonna's Hard Candy Promo Tour

Orange Amps will be launching their new, full colour coffee-table book at the Frankfurt Musikmesse 2011, celebrating over forty years of their history with a massive, detailed archive of press cuttings, photographs and promotional material. This unique 200-page large-format Flipbook gives the reader a comprehensive, invaluable insight both into Orange Amps the Product and Orange the Brand.
Start the Flipbook from one side and The Book of Orange tells you about the innovation and technology that is an intrinsic part of the Orange story so far. Always at the forefront of the development of amplification, with years spent studying, experimenting and testing in order to improve on the best: in the words of Orange founder and CEO, Cliff Cooper – “The ‘Orange sound’ didn’t just happen, it has taken years to perfect.”  The Book of Orange tells an illustrated story of this quest, showing how Orange Amps truly did become the ‘Voice of the World’.

Turn over, and Building the Brand takes you from the late 1960s when Cliff Cooper established the Orange Recording Studios, Orange Shop and Orange Amplification, through to the present day and the proud launch of the Orange Personal Computer (OPC) designed and developed in-house by Orange.

The history is told using material from the archives: remember the cartoon comic strips, the Orange Amp Crest, the Orange World Tree, and the Orange Amp Log Books? Then there are the pictures – a who’s who of rock and roll. This book is lavishly illustrated with images of the greats using Orange Amps including James Brown, Frank Zappa, Stevie Wonder, John Lennon, Led Zeppelin, Johnny Cash, John Miles, and more recently Monte Pittman (Madonna), Oasis, Geddy Lee, Slipknot, Scissor Sisters, Travis and Manic Street Preachers.

This coffee-table book is a psychedelic nostalgia trip for all those hip baby boomers out there, and it’s a mine of new knowledge for tomorrow’s young guitar stars who love the Orange brand and its heritage. Orange Amps have become a global phenomenon, and they are now justly celebrating the fact in this showcase of their work, and the artists who have used their equipment.

It will sit proudly on any coffee-table, keeping the reader entertained with insightful, thought-provoking memorabilia. The pictures are a feast for the eyes; the commentary is lively and full of warmth and wit – flicking through is a joy.  And there’s an added bonus: it even feels good, as the hardback cover is finished in beautiful velvet… Orange, of course!

Sample pages taken from this unique and wonderful book about the world of Orange Amps will be posted on the Orange website shortly before it is launched at Musikmesse 2011.

To take a look at the new book as well as all the other Orange Amp Products go to Orange Music Booth F60 Hall 4.0


The Book of Orange

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