Monte Pittman’s Kickstarter: 1310% success!

Monte Pittman’s Kickstarter Project has just been approved for funding after overcoming it’s initial target by 1310% and made it into the Kickstarter Hall of Fame! That is AMAZING! Monte will hit the studio ASAP !

Monte Pittman: 1310% success!

Monte tweeted: “THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who helped with Kickstarter! $65,500 & 540 backers!!! Now it’s time to get to work!

Congratulations Montster & Co!!

Stay tuned to Axe-Static_Process for updates on Monte’s 2nd solo album and do not forget to keep visiting Monte’s Official Website!


2 thoughts on “Monte Pittman’s Kickstarter: 1310% success!

  1. quesadilla June 21, 2011 / 8:07 pm

    Sounds like from Monte’s latest tweets to @artistsupporter that there has been a change in plans. Is Monte playing all the instruments now and not using Tommy or Warren for the album? If they are still playing have they recorded yet?

  2. Iliana June 21, 2011 / 8:20 pm

    Monte tweeted that he’s going to start recording the guitar parts first and then build the rest around it. We’ll keep you posted if we have any updates!

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