Guy Oseary talks new Madonna album & DVD rumours

Guy Oseary spent some time today on Twitter to thank the number of followers (50,000!) and responded to a few tweets! Guy dismissed the rumours of the Blond Ambition, Girlie Show and the Virgin Tour coming out on DVD any time soon but did say that he had a meeting with Warner Bros about the DVDs and hopefully we will have them in our hands!

Guy Oseary & Madonna

He was also asked about the next Madonna tour and Guy said that as soon as Madonna is done with promoting her movie “W.E.” she will hit the studio first and then she will go on tour! The album will possibly be released this year (a DANCE album!), so no tour plans for this summer guys! Guy also agreed with us that another year without new Madonna music is unbearable ;) BRING IT ON!


Update: “I would love to let her rest, but she is eager to get into studio and get working on an album. I’m not pushing.. This is all her!” – Guy Oseary


One thought on “Guy Oseary talks new Madonna album & DVD rumours

  1. Michael February 22, 2011 / 1:35 pm

    I agree…new music is overdue from Madonna, but Madonna involves herserlf in so many projects at once that a 4 year gap in what made her famous always takes the back seat. Then they call it a “comeback” when something new is released. I think Madonna and other artists should try and get ticket scalpers, I mean ticket brokers eliminated. Those people scoop up all the tickets and when at the concerts you see too many empty seats that fans could not afford to pay a greedy person for. A $150 ticket should not be able to be resold for $1000. At maximum…they should not be able to charge more than 10% and realistic original fees for tickets they steal from the fans. Its almost the same as music piracy.

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