Monte Pittman and Adam Lambert on the Ellen Show

Adam Lambert was one of the guests today on the Ellen De Generes show and he performed his Grammy Award Nominated song “Whataya Want from Me?”. Monte Pittman brought his Martin and played an acoustic version of the song, in fingerstyle and strumming. Check it out!

Monte Pittman & Adam Lambert


One thought on “Monte Pittman and Adam Lambert on the Ellen Show

  1. BK February 10, 2011 / 3:38 pm

    I’ve been seeing Monte on numerous TV shows now that he is part of Adam Lambert’s band. Monte and Adam Lambert go back quite a few years now back to the days when they formed the band Citizen Vein. Monte just got off that international tour with Adam Lambert. It’s interesting. I’d enjoy reading an interview with Monte asking him what he thinks of the past two years touring with Adam Lambert and his band all around the world. Did he ever think when he started Citizen Vein and asked Adam Lambert to be the lead singer that they’d be touring the world a few years later? Monte just had twins too with his wife. They all appear good friends but what kind of stress did this 6 straight months on the road with infants at home cause?

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