Monte Pittman’s 2nd Solo Album + YOU!

Monte Pittman’s Kickstarter project has GONE LIVE!

If you’ve been dying to hear more from the mastermind behind the Deepest Dark, not only is the music on its way but—you can be a part of making it happen.

To help the project see the light of day, click here to visit Monte’s project page on Kickstarter. Watch the video, then make a pledge to contribute! The way Kickstarter works is that no money goes toward the project unless the entire amount is pledged, so if Monte’s project is underfunded by even one dollar—NO RECORD! Help kick (see what I just did there?!) this record into existence by pledging your support for Monte’s music! Just think of it as a pre-order!

Once you pledge support for Monte’s project, take a look around Kickstarter. Miss Fitz is supporting 3 other projects at Kickstarter and can attest to the fact that it feels GREAT to get a chance to help fund amazing creative projects by some of my favorite artists. Welcome to your new life as a patron of the arts!


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