Adam Lambert “Aftermath” (Acoustic) Chords!

In celebration of Adam Lambert‘s Acoustic Live EP being released tomorrow, ASP is happy to share with you the chords sheet of one of the songs that are included in the EP! This acoustic version of “Aftermath” is probably as amazing as the album version!

Monte Pittman & Adam Lambert perform "Aftermath"

Musical Director & Guitarist of the Glam Nation Tour, Monte Pittman knows exactly how to fill the absence of the other instruments and this time he took his white Gibson Hummingbird and tuned it 1 full step down.

Download the .pdf with the chords: Adam Lambert “Aftermath” (Acoustic version from Glam Nation)

Yours truly (IB), demos the riffs of the song in the video below – please keep in mind that this is my interpretation of the song and it’s not necessarily the exact way that Monte plays it (I wish I had half of his talent!). It’s a fun song to play and maybe the visual will motivate one or two people to grab a guitar and start strumming!

P.S.: IB is #teamplaidpants


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