Monte Pittman for InRock Pop (Japan)

INROCK Extra: INROCK Pop! Vol. 3 (out Dec 3 in Japan) features a one page interview with Monte Pittman! Here’s a translated segment:

Q: Adam had mentioned that you are his inspiration. How’s his new album coming along?
Monte Pittman: Yes, I have a few songs written already and he’s picking the one he likes. We are working on a demo right now. Not sure which direction we are going yet. Actually we really wanted to make a song together for his first album. I’m really hoping that we can do it for the 2nd one.

Monte Pittman for InRock Pop Vol.3

Q: How do you want the 2nd album to be? Would it be different from the first one?
Monte Pittman: It’s hard to say. We can start off with one direction and end up with a different one. What’s important is to come up with great songs.

Read the whole translated interview HERE!


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