Nord Artists: Ric’key Pageot

Check out this mini article about Ric’key Pageot (Madonna, Cirque Du Soleil) that is featured on the webpages of Nord Keyboards!

“One thing that I did notice on the Stage EX 88, other than the great new harpsichord sounds, is the new sustain pedal action. As opposed to sounding louder when you play a series of notes, like some other stage pianos, it just sustains, and that’s great.

Ric'key Pageot is a proud endorser of Nord

I’m not afraid to sustain too many notes at once, resulting into playing with more emotion like on a real grand piano. That’s a big plus. Furthermore, the latest Rhodes sounds are frighteningly close to the real deal. Oh, and the weighted hammer-action is just the way I like it. The Nord Stage is my main instrument.”

Ric’key Pageot, keyboardist with Madonna, and multi-instrumentalist, producer, composer, music director

Gear: Nord Stage EX 88


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