Glam Nation Tour Review by Filmi Girl

Like I mentioned before, the disjointed feel of the album was nowhere to be found. I think we can thank Monte Pittman for helping to create a unified musical feel for the show – very rock but a rich 70s style rock and not the achingly dull, drab rock of the 90s and 00s (you know the kind I mean – where it sounds like they cut out all the high frequencies.)

“Strut” popped on stage, the flabby “Surefire Winners” was booted into life, and “Sleepwalker” was given a real epic quality missing from the tinny studio version. The Gaga-produced “Fever” (one of my favorite tracks on the album) was also given a different, more organic feel. I’m really optimistic about Adam’s second album and I hope he does more of this organic 70s rock style (a la “Music Again”) instead of the dancey pop that was emphasized for the singles on his first album.

Read the full review here!

Monte Pittman, Adam Lambert & Tommy Ratliff

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