Lick Library – Danny Gill Free Live Guitar Lesson

Learn to rock with one of the best in the business as Danny Gill presents the next in the Lick Library live webcast series. The live video feed from the studio will start on the 8th April 2010 at 19.30 (GMT), 11.30 USA-PST, or 14.30 USA-EST.

Danny Gill

The chat room will go live at 19.00 (GMT), to give you time to settle in, get used to the functions, chat to other members. You will also be able to get the latest updates from the Lick Library Team. If you want to ask Danny a question you can register with the Lick Library YouTube Channel (where you can check out the Danny Gill play list to get ideas for your questions) and enter your question before the broadcast or enter it on the chat box on the webcast page during the session.

This is Danny Gill’s first ever live webcast for Lick Library, and he will be playing 3 tracks (selection will be based on the questions you pre-register), chosen from the more than 35 instructional DVDs he has recorded. Danny is a former Joe Satriani pupil and internationally acclaimed rock guitar player and tutor in his own right, who has written music and songs for TV shows and movies as well as best selling books.

So register for your FREE Access All Areas pass online at and get rocking now!


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