How an Angel learned how to fly (Part 2)

A Chance Meeting with Monte Pittman

by Andi Tan, 2010
Preface & Contact Information by: Lisa C.

Meeting Monte

My shoulders slumped a little in misery. I could hear people taking photos of a local celebrity towards my side but I just did not care. I focused grimly at the backs of my fellow winners. Another group went into the M&G and soon it would be our turn. Just when I thought all hopes were lost, my ears picked up something – someone behind me whispering to another friend, “Oh my God, is that Monte and Longineu?”

What?! Where?! My head snapped up and to the right.

Oh my God, it was Monte! Just one quick look of both of them walking past our group was enough to set me off. With a broad grin threatening to split my face into two, I ran after them, yelling, “MONTE! MONTE!” Nothing else existed in that point in time except the man I wanted to see so badly. “MONTE!!”

Monte Pittman signing the CD of "The Deepest Dark"

He and Longineu turned around to look at me as I finally skidded to a stop. Monte asked if I was Rhyden and I could only nod energetically before giving him a massive hug. He commented about my beard to Longineu and I grinned back, trying my hardest to imprint his image deep into my mind and soul – his hair, face, lips, jacket, tee-shirt. He looked really good that night – even better than the pictures I have seen of him

“We came out just to look for you,” Monte said.

It took me a few seconds to register what he said. Such simple words but their effect on me was devastating. I merely stared at him, utterly dumbstruck. I tried to say something, anything, but words failed me. I swayed a little. I had not seen such kindness in many years nor a man that genuine.

If I was awed by Monte’s skills and music earlier, then, I was mesmerized by the beauty of the man’s soul that night.

Blinking rapidly to hide the fact that I was within moments of bursting into tears, I stammered that I love him and hugged him again. All those carefully planned out things to say and ask evaporate into the thin air, replaced by nervous babbling and mumbled thank you’s.

That Monte had to prompt me gently for a camera was the extent of how much I was shaken. Thank goodness, Jamie was there and she helped me to take some beautiful shots. And then, it was of course, the all important CD. Monte took a good look at the first physical copy of his album and showed it to Longineu. And he signed it after asking what I want on it.

“Andrea…” I managed to squeak out, euphoria slowly replacing nervousness. I held the album with a silly ecstatic grin on my face and I hugged him again. I managed to introduce Jamie to him though for some reasons, we did not take pictures of them both!

Monte Pittman & Andi Tan

I moved away a little when I finally sensed the other people around me wanting to take pictures with Monte and Longineu. That they kept a respectful distance while I was talking to Monte was amazing. I half expected those two to be mobbed whenever they went.

Then the Sony lady reminded us sourly that we were late (again) and should go in to see Adam now. I waved at Monte and Longineu, wishing I could let them know how happy they have made me. And I slipped inside after one final longing look.

Monte Pittman, Andi Tan & Longineu Parsons

Meet and Greet

We waited our turn to meet Adam in the room with me stealing peeps of the signed album. I was beaming really hard. I was hidden behind someone as we moved towards Adam. When he finally saw me, his eyes widened a little, he spun towards the wall and burst into laughter “Monte! Did you see that?” He gestured to Lane.

Lane wanted to look for Monte and she kept muttering, “Where’s Monte?”

After we have taken the group photo, I whispered to her that both Monte and Longineu were outside and that I had seen them. She was pleased.


Still in 7th heaven, we found our seats in the theatre and waited for our partners to join us. Though relatively short, the showcase would cap an amazing night. Adam sang like anangel with those hauntingly beautiful sometimes soaring vocals of his, demonstrating why he was such a masterclass at performing live.

But I had my eyes on Monte and he was extraordinary – literally strumming my life with his fingers – giving those now familiar songs a new twist. I closed my eyes several times, so I could isolate everything save his guitar. And I savoured every moment of it. Every now and then, he would point at our area and I nearly yelped out loud with glee. Only the presence of the many security guards near my seat prevented me from actually jumping up and dancing or just flail. But our little group bellowed out his name alternately with Adam’s.

When they played ‘Down the Rabbit Hole’ as an encore, finally the lower ground crowd threw away their reserve and begin to party a little. Thunderous applause filled the theatre when Adam, Monte and Longineu made their final goodbye and disappeared. Somewhat reluctantly, the crowd streamed out, talking excitedly about the performance.

As I got on the glambus and stared at the streets of Singapore zipping past me while the others started to party, I wept silently, gratefully for the chance I was given.

The End

The end, when it came, was all too soon for me. It has been a long journey from the tentative days of wondering how to get Monte’s CD to actually seeing him and then to hearing him perform live in Singapore a couple months later. It was an uplifting, emotionally enriching experience..

I have met many wonderful people along the way and am glad to call them friends.

"The Deepest Dark" signed by Monte Pittman

My deepest thanks to Lisa C. (@GlamLC) for setting this all up and for helping me out when I was lost and did not know how to proceed to get the album. Special thanks to @Curlyfry1273 for fun & laughs via Twitter. These two lovely ladies filled my nights with good cheer and non-stop information and tidbits about Monte! Again, my eternal gratitude to Lisa for working with Monte so that I may have this once in a lifetime chance to meet him.

Thank you, CDBaby for enduring my many questions and for patiently trying to find a solution, no matter the obstacles, so that I may enjoy Monte’s music. You truly understand what the customer needs.

And of course, to Monte – a truly extraordinary, gifted man who has touched me with his humanity and will always have a special spot in my heart. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us. Thank you for making everything possible and for teaching me how it feels to truly fly.


To learn more about Monte Pittman and his acoustic solo album, The Deepest Dark, please visit the links below:

The Montster Pitt (Monte Pittman Fan Group)

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2 thoughts on “How an Angel learned how to fly (Part 2)

  1. southpaw2009 April 7, 2010 / 1:28 am

    an amazing story, smiling while i read thru it…thank you for sharing!! =)

  2. seerock1023 (Cindy) March 7, 2011 / 9:21 pm

    Andi~ This is amazing! I can’t believe this is the first time your blog has crossed my path but better late than never. You had a wonderful experience and your words brought it to life for me. Thank you! I hope to one day also meet the amazing Monte Pittman.

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