Sticky & Sweet Tour DVD Review!!!

I was one of the very fortunate people to have attended the Sticky & Sweet Tour in 2008. I’m very glad I did because I’m pretty sure I would have to start hitting my head against the wall after watching the S&S DVD (if I hadn’t attended the show), as I’m still doing for missing Confessions!

I’ll try to share my thoughts about the DVD- not the show. The show speaks for itself – it’s a MADONNA show!

Sticky & Sweet Tour DVD+CD case

The design case is very similar to the Confessions Tour DVD+CD. It includes a booklet with photos from the show, song credits (including all the songs that are sampled) and  Cast & Crew details. Rather nice package!

The music CD

Self explained. Features 13 songs “Candy Shop”, “Beat Goes On”, “Human Nature”, “Vogue”, “She’s Not Me”, “Music”, “Devil Wouldn’t Recognize you”, “Spanish Lesson”, “La Isla Bonita”, “You Must Love Me”, “Get Stupid”, “Like a Prayer” and “Give it 2 me”. I would like to see “Die Another Day Interlude” and “Get Into the Groove” included in that list, but I guess that’s up to each one’s taste!

FYI there are 4 bonus tracks on the iTunes LP version!


Has the full show that was filmed in Buenos Aires and a 30mins Behind-the-Scenes Footage. Available subtitles in English, Spanish (Habla Espanol??), French, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian & German. The picture format is 16×9 and the audio is i PCM Stereo & DTS Surround. Looks and sounds PERFECT!

The Show depicted on the DVD

Nathan Rissman & Nick Wickham directed it and I must say they did a very good job. However they did miss a few dance routines and perhaps their super slow motion scenes were not as successful as Jonas Åkerlund’s magnificent work on “I’m Going to Tell You a Secret” and “The Confessions Tour”. I would also prefer to see longer duration shots of the band, especially at moments where there are no dancers on stage. Yes, fast changing shots make it more exciting, but let us see Brian Frasier-Moore KILLING us during the “Hung Up” outro and Monte Pittman nailing his custom SG!

Madonna’s vocals: I have to point out that Madonna’s vocals are perhaps OVER-edited and during some songs (poor “Borderline”), they sound almost fake! I’m not opposed to auto-tuning and/or editing an artist’s vocals for a live CD/DVD, but in this case IMHO, they could’ve done a better job, because at some points it sounds like STUDIO and NOT live. Pretty shame, because Madonna does sing LIVE during her shows and she sounds FANTASTIC. Some people didn’t mind it – or didn’t even noticed it, but I did and felt a bit disappointed about it :\ Just my 2 cents…

The Behind the Scenes Bonus Documentary

I LOVE LOVE LOVE backstage footage! And this one is amazing (and very funny as well)!! You can see the dancer auditions for the show, Madonna’s speeches before the shows, rehearsing with Justin Timberlake, Pharell, Timbaland and joking around with Kevin Antunes (Musical Director).

The dancers, musicians and crew are also sharing their feelings about the show and how it is to be a part of this incredible production!

The only bad thing about it? 30 minutes are not enough! We want MORE!!!

I don’t have to say it, do I? Ok, I will:


USA people – hang in there! You’ll get Sticky & Sweet once and for all on April 6th!

“I said start the show motherf*ckers!” – M



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