Brian Frasier-Moore’s Signature Snare Drum now available!

Brian Frasier-Moore‘s signature snare drum by TAMA is now available from Musician’s Friend and you can finally get your hands on it! According to the site the shipping will start on April 5th, so click here to pre-order it!

Brian had the prototype during the Sticky & Sweet Tour with Madonna so we got our first taste and we can say that we DIG IT!! If you missed it before, you can watch the video of Brian talking about his new love here!

Brian Frasier-Moore signature snare drum by TAMA

Product Description from

A powerful, sensitive, and responsive drum that is as versatile as its designer.

The Tama Brian Frasier-Moore Signature Snare is crafted with an 8-ply bubinga shell with the outer ply of quilted bubinga decorated with a chrome inlay.

The snare drum’s unique dual 45° bearing edges allow for maximum energy transfer between the head and shell. This gives the Brian Frasier-Moore drum added clarity and a full, resonant tone.

The combination of deeper snare beds and Tama’s 42-strand carbon-steel snappy snares offers greatly increased sensitivity and better snare response through various tensions. Tune the Brian Frasier-Moore snare drum down for a low, fat sound or crank it up high like a piccolo snare—and everything in between.

Tama Brian Frasier-Moore Signature Snare Drum Features:

  • 14″ x 5-1/2″, 8-ply bubinga shell
  • 10 die-cast MSL-SCT lugs
  • MS42R14S snappy
  • Dual 45° bearing edges for maximum energy transfer

Pre-order it now!


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