Monte Pittman Open Mic @ Empress Hotel

After wrapping up his Glambert duties in Melbourne, Monte Pittman did find the time (and the energy) to do an Open Mic Night at the Empress Hotel on Monday. Monte performed 5 songs from his album “The Deepest Dark” and an acoustic cover of “Rude Awakening” by Prong. Longineu Parsons was also there to play the bongo.

Longineu Parsons & Monte Pittman

Twitter user @kittybaroque was there and filmed the performance for us who couldn’t get the next plane to Australia, so check out “Rain is Falling” (great fingerstyle improv!), “Under the Same Sun”, “Out of the Black”, “Through the Breezes”, “Cold” and “Rude Awakening”.

You can see more photos from the gig here.

Monte is currently in Singapore as part of Adam Lambert’s promo tour and they will be rocking the stage of the Pantages Hollywood Theater (Universal Studios) on Friday. Stay tuned for more updates!


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