Like a Virgin – Guitar Chords

It’s been a while since we posted a Madonna guitar sheet, so we thought it’s time to feel “Like a Virgin” again! The weekend is coming and it’s a great opportunity to pick up your acoustic! You can download the sheet at the Madonna Guitar tabs & chords page!

During the American Life Promo Tour, Madonna did perform an acoustic version of LAV, which was NOT scheduled and of course not rehearsed, but the fans who packed the Tower Records in Sacramento back in 2003, requested for an “oldie but goodie” so Madonna couldn’t say no!

Madonna & her band during the American Life Promo Tour

Monte Pittman started strumming his Hummingbird but Madonna didn’t seem very pleased  with it “Dude! Don’t embarrass me!”, so she turned to Mike McKight to play the well known riff on his keys! Still, Madonna was hesitating “Where did I find these guys??” Hilarious! Check out the video here, Madonna forgets some of the words but the fans give her a hand!


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