Monte Pittman and the TC Helicon pedals!

Monte Pittman is this month’s featured artist at the TC-Helicon site! Monte talks about working with Madonna, Prong, Adam Lambert (and his controversial performance at the AMAs) and of course his effects with VoiceLive 2! Check it out!

So how does it feel to have taught the first lady of pop the guitar?

“It’s definitely something you take great pride in and we became friends so I didn’t have to audition for her!” Monte laughs referencing the fact that he has now played with Madonna, both in the studio and on tour for the best part of a decade.

Being so close to Madonna has clearly influenced how Monte leads his own life as he explains…

One of the things I’ve learned from Madonna is variety. You go to a Madonna gig and you get everything and if there’s one thing I could have about me it would be variety. So I could be playing with [Monte’s industrial rock band] Prong, with Madonna, with Adam Lambert and doing my own acoustic stuff. I just like to keep it varied.”

Monte Pittman & the VoiceLive 2!

“I’m going to be playing with Adam and doing my solo stuff in between and I’m working on ideas for my next album,” he says. “It will have more strings and percussion, building on the first album. I’ll also always be involved with Prong too, with Tommy Victor the singer and guitar player, and we were talking the other night about doing more. I don’t like labels where you do this one thing and that’s what you are. Like I said earlier, I have to keep it varied.”

Read the full interview here!


One thought on “Monte Pittman and the TC Helicon pedals!

  1. glamlc February 11, 2010 / 3:55 am

    What a great interview! I love seeing Monte featured on different sites. Looking forward to more!

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