How the Kolpakov Trio got Sticky & Sweet!

We’ve seen them in Madonna‘s “Gypsy” section during the Sticky & Sweet Tour. Two 7-string guitarists and 1 violin player made stadiums sing “Lela Pala Tute” without even knowing what it means! The Kolpakov Trio consists of world-renowned soloist and composer Sasha Kolpakov, his nephew Vadim Kolpakov, and violin virtuoso Arkadiy Gips and performed with Madonna 3 songs, including their solo moment of “Doli Doli“.

The Kolpakov Trio performing with Madonna and Monte Pittman recently sat down with them and asked them everything we wanted to learn, including how they got the gig with Madonna! How did you get involved in Madonna’s Sweet & Sticky Tour?

Vadim: Eugene Hutz from the Gogol Bordello band is a friend of Madonna’s and our cousin. She just directed him in a film called Filth and Wisdom. He recommended us to Madonna.

Read the full interview here!


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