Adam Lambert & Glam-band on Oprah

Adam Lambert and his band were the guests on Oprah! If you wanna know who Adam is then you should definitely watch his interview (it should be around on youtube ;)). Oprah also asked him about meeting Madonna and you can see Adam how excited he gets when he gets to talk about those “5 minutes” of meeting Madge!

Adam & the glam-band performed 2 songs after the interview, “If I Had U” and “Whataya Want From Me?”.

Adam Lambert on Oprah performing "Whataya Want from Me?"

Even the ASP girls who are familiar with Adam’s awesomeness & stage excellence and have followed his IDOL journey, were left speechless by his performance! He was simply outstanding! For sure, Adam has a long future ahead of him and we can’t wait to see what else he has in his sleeve!

Adam Lambert on Oprah performing "If I Had U"

The lovely Lisa Harriton had to stay in L.A. to perform with Ke$ha when the show was taped but she’ll be back in action with the rest of the gang! ;)


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