Brian Frasier Moore @ NAMM – Video

ASP is happy to share with you another video from the 2010 NAMM event! This moment is from Saturday at the TAMA booth where Brian Frasier-Moore introduced his signature snare-drum by TAMA and hangs around watching fellow drummers checking out the snare!

Modern Drummer Magazine quoted Madonna “I am not much impressed by drummers these days, I always end up preferring drum loops to live drummers. But when Brian plays, you pay attention“.

Brian describes his signature drum sound as “warm and powerful”. Don’t believe him? Check him out in Madonna’s Sticky & Sweet Tour DVD which is coming on March… his drumming in “Human Nature”, “Vogue” and “The Devil Wouldn’t Recognize You” will leave you speechless (among many others!)

There is also another brief video by the TAMA youtube channel where Brian describes what he wants from a drum snare to sound like! Brian says “When people hear my snare-drum, this will be the last snare-drum they’ll play.”


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