Ric’key Pageot’s Righteous Ride

Check out this great interview that Ric’key Pageot gave to T.Bruce Witter for the Muzik ETC Magazine! Ric’key talks about Madonna, his studies & influences and his music projects, including working with his wife Dessy Di Lauro and Adam Lambert!

Ric’key: Madonna heard that the song “Miles Away” was my mother’s favorite on the current album. Madonna announced she was dedicating tonight’s performance of the song to my mother.

BW: Your keyboard sounds on the clip: they’re not stock sounds. When did you start getting deep into sound?
Ric’key: After I graduated and got into the Montreal funk thing. The guys I worked with pushed me to develop my sound. I dedicated a lot of time, from 2004 onwards, to crafting and bettering my own sounds. Playing with Cirque du Soleil gig and practicing my chops and sounds at night helped ready me for getting the gig with Madonna.

BW: And you’re now living in LA. You’re going to be hot on the session scene!
Ric’key: Well, I’m on the road a lot, which you have to do, but I do get a lot of sessions. I just did Adam Lambert’s album, the guy on American Idol – that was a big project. Monte Pittman, Madonna’s guitarist called me for the sessions. The drummer was Brian Frasier Moore, Madonna’s drummer.

Read the full interview here! Don’t forget to visit Ric’key’s myspace profile!


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