Brian Frasier Moore’s TAMA kit set up

Check out this video in which Sticky & Sweet drummer Brian Frasier Moore talks about his TAMA drum set! The video is a couple of years old (unfortunately we couldn’t stumble upon any newer ones!) but it’s still very interesting to watch!

For sure Brian was the drum master in the Sticky & Sweet Tour, particularly in tracks like Human Nature, Vogue, Borderline, The Devil Wouldn’t Recognize You, 4 minutes and Give it 2 me! (pretty much in all the songs – you name it!)

Brian Frasier Moore: “Started playing at 5 yrs old at Fellowship Tabernacle C.O.G.I.C…there is where I learned disciple under the direction of Alexander Ingram. I continued on to pursue music or touring and I started to get a lot of  recognition in the city of brotherly love.

I was working part-time at a local publication called “The Legal Intelligencer…working as an editor didn’t really satisfy my true luv…music..” (source)

Before hooking up with Madonna, Brian has worked with artists like Les Nubians,  Usher Janet Jackson and Christina Aguilera. You can also see Brian’s drum diagram from the Official TAMA drums website here!


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